Day of Understanding, Week of Inclusion

We recently joined organizations around the world in a Day of Understanding, followed by a Week of Inclusion, where Air Products employees across the company participated in courageous conversations about Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging (DIB). This Day of Understanding, Week of Inclusion was just one of the ways Air Products brings to life its commitment to CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™.

Air Products is one of more than 2,000 organizations that have pledged to cultivate workplaces that support open dialogue on complex, and sometimes difficult, conversations about DIB in an effort to move the needle toward a more just and equitable world.

As we drive toward our goal to become the most diverse industrial gas company in the world, we must foster a collaborative and respectful work environment where everyone can achieve their true potential.
Seifi Ghasemi, Chairman, President and CEO

This year's theme focused on allyship and advocacy. Allyship is seen when any person takes or demonstrates action to support, empower, or stand up for another person or a group of people. Allyship is important at Air Products to make sure we all feel like we belong and matter. By acting as an ally, we can make the world a better place for everyone.

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A Leadership Discussion About Diversity and Allyship

Hear from Air Products' Chairman, President and CEO Seifi Ghasemi and Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer Victoria Brifo as they share with employees some personal reflection and experiences that helped define what diversity and allyship mean to them. 

Victoria Brifo kicks off the Week of Inclusion at Air Products.

Victoria Brifo discusses the company's commitment to Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging.

Victoria Brifo talks about the importance of allyship.

Seifi Ghasemi speaks with Victorial Brifo about why diversity and inclusion are important.

Seifi Ghasemi shares why diversity and inclusion are important to him.

Seifi Ghasemi explains what it means to be an ally.

Victoria Brifo shares a personal story about allyship.

Seifi Ghasemi talks about the impact of diversity and inclusion on someone's life.

Seifi Ghasemi discusses the importance of talking about the issues.

Air Products Employees Belong and Matter

Our higher purpose goes beyond just delivering superior financial performance. Our higher purpose includes bringing people from all walks of life together to collaborate and innovate solutions to the world’s most significant energy and environmental sustainability challenges.

As we work to be the most diverse industrial gas company in the world, we are building a workforce that reflects the places we do business, fully utilizing the diversity of the talent pool and fostering a respective and inclusive culture so that employees seek out diverse perspectives and feel empowered to confidently express their viewpoints and mobilize actions to create meaningful change.


Air Products' Inclusion Network

Air Products sponsors Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) throughout the world. The ERGs form an Inclusion Network that partners with company leadership to create supportive communities to help raise cultural awareness; attract and retain talent; and develop critical skills and competencies.
Asian Employee Resource Organization
Black Employee Resource Group
Ethnically Diverse Gulf Employees
Valuing Employees of ALL Abilities
Hispanic Organization of Latinos and Amigos
Indian Subcontinent Employee Resource Organization
Middle East Employee Resource Group
LGBTQ+ Resource Group
Women's Group in India
Women's Success Network

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

Learn about what we are doing to create a more diverse workforce and foster an environment of respect where people are empowered to confidently express their viewpoints.

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