Next Step in Realisation First Rotterdam Public Green Hydrogen Filling Station for Trucks

Air Products has taken groundbreaking and irrevocable permit grants for Rotterdam’s first large scale public green hydrogen refueling station. The station is a collaboration in the CH2aRT project by Air Products, Schenk Tanktransport and TNO. Excavation work on the site of Rotterdam's first public green hydrogen refueling station already started in October 2022 after announcing the cooperation in spring of that year. The station is located less than 1 km from the 12,000 trucks passing by on a daily basis on the A12 highway, this station will be perfectly located in 3 European TEN-T corridors, the Rhine-Alpine, the North Sea-Baltic and the North Sea-Mediterranean.

The refueling station will be the first HRS of its kind in Rotterdam in a unique cooperation of the projects parties and the Port of Rotterdam. The project contributes to the HyTrucks consortium, an international group of partners in the hydrogen and mobility value chain. With this project Air Products furthermore contributes to the targets agreed under the Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Regulation (AFIR) by constructing an HRS located in the TEN-T Core network as well as exceeding the minimum capacity of 1 ton of hydrogen per day. 

With this, the project parties deliver a major contribution towards their sustainability missions, as well as decarbonising heavy road transport in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and Europe. The environmental impact of the HRS once fully loaded is expected to avoid the release of 6-8  kilo tonnes of CO2equivalent emissions per year through the displacement of diesel engines. 

About the project
Air Products (NYSE: APD), Schenk Tanktransport and TNO are collaborating on the Clean Hydrogen and Road Transport Project (CH2aRT), an endeavor which will develop hydrogen trucks and a public hydrogen refueling station. The project focuses on hydrogen in heavy-duty road transport and is subsidized by the DKTI transport scheme (Demonstration Scheme for Climate Technologies and Innovations in Transport) of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.